Why I demanded sex from Simi- Brymo


Renowned Nigerian singer, Ọlawale Ọlọfọrọ, popularly known as Brymo, has stirred up a storm in the music industry with his recent revelation regarding his request for a sexual relationship in exchange for a music collaboration with fellow artist Simisola Kosoko, known as Simi. In a surprising turn of events, Brymo has defended his actions, referring to it as an “artistic pursuit.”

The controversy began when Brymo shared a voice note on X (formerly Twitter) where he openly admitted to seeking a sexual relationship with Simi in lieu of a collaboration on a music project. This revelation sent shockwaves through the music community and drew sharp criticism from various quarters.

Simi’s husband, Adekunle Gold, also a renowned singer, responded strongly to Brymo’s advances, issuing a stern warning for him to “stay away” from his wife and to “stop disrespecting” his family.

In a recent interview with TVC, Brymo shed light on his controversial actions, stating, “One day I was somewhere and I met Adekunle Gold, I was just like, ‘Oh! Gold.’ The first time I was ever meeting him. And he requested a collaboration… When he came to me, I just said flatly, ‘Oga, I’m not doing any collaboration right now.'”

Brymo went on to reveal that when Simi approached him for a collaboration, he had no knowledge of her relationship with Adekunle Gold. He candidly explained his thought process at the time, saying, “I said no features except I am laying with the woman I am working with so it can really be intense. Did she not sleep with Adekunle Gold? Is that not why the music is extra good? But she said no, and I was like okay, bye-bye and then she left.”

The singer further clarified that his proposal was not exclusive to Simi, stating, “She wasn’t the only one I proposed it to. But guess what? I’ve made music with seven women. I didn’t sleep with anyone of them. After that incident, I’ve recorded songs with four women. We didn’t even have that [sexual] conversation at all. We just made music. So, it wasn’t about me asking for sex for collaboration. No, no, it wasn’t about that. For me, it was an artistic pursuit.”

Brymo’s unconventional justification for his actions has ignited a debate within the music industry, raising questions about the boundaries between artistry and personal relationships in the world of entertainment. The controversy continues to evolve, with fans, fellow artists, and Nigerian music lovers.

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