Road trip: Makurdi to Osogbo

Benue Links Park, Makurdi

Traveling from Makurdi, the Benue State capital in the middle belt to Osogbo, the Osun State capital in South Western part of Nigeria is no doubt a long but fascinating journey.

Watch the video of journey here

One of the down sides of this trip is the fact that there is no direct bus (vehicle) between both cities (Osogbo to Makurdi). So, from Makurdi, you’ll need to board a bus going to Ibadan so you can alight at Ilesha junction in Osun before taking another vehicle to Osogbo.

The journey from Makurdi to Osogbo gives one the opportunity to appreciate the large landmass that this country is blessed with alongside a beautiful vista of nature.

From Makurdi, you’ll pass through Naka, Adoka before getting to Ankpa in Kogi State. Naka and Adoka are towns in Benue State while Ankpa is in Kogi State.

The next major city you’ll get to is Anyangba where the Kogi State University is located. From Anyangba, you’ll get to Itobe where you’ll cross the river Niger bridge over to Ajaokuta.

Right from Itobe to Ajaokuta to Okenne, the road is relatively good. It’s always a straight route. From Okenne, you’ll head to Ibirlo in Edo State.

Ibirlo is a popular place for most travelers because most drivers usually have a stop there for passengers to eat and relax before continuing with the journey. Pounded yam with bush meat is my favorite meal whenever we have a stop at Ibirlo. It will interest you to know that their fried yam is always irresistible for most commuters.

From Ibirlo, you’ll get to Isua, Oba Akoko, Oka Akoko then Akumgba before getting to Owo- all in Ondo State. Akoko just like several parts of Kogi is adorned with beautiful landscape decorated with mountains.

Owo to Akure to Ilesha is also a straight route. The expressway actually leads to Ibadan. From Brewery junction (along the expressway) in Ilesha, you’ll take the right turn and head for Osogbo.

From Ilesha to Osogbo is just about 25 minutes drive (17 km).


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