GOF International Schools Constructs Borehole and Solar Powered Pump for Host Community


At the Gbenga Olowe Oyefunke Charity and Development Foundation, we are committed to leveraging innovative technology to ensure access to reliable and sustainable water supply. We are proud to announce the successful completion of our project in partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS) ID&E Innovation Fund – the installation of a Solar-Powered Pipe-borne Borehole Water System for the people of GOF School Area Community, located in Ejigbo LGA, Osun State, Nigeria.


The Problem

The resilient people of GOF School Area Community have long grappled with unreliable electric power supply which consequently hindered their access to a consistent source of clean, pipe-borne water. This challenge has been a source of frustration and a barrier to their well-being. Thus, emphasizing the need for a solution that guarantees sustainable water supply.

The Solution

Our commitment to addressing this critical issue led us to implement a sustainable and innovative solution – the installation of a solar-powered pipe-borne water system.
Here’s an overview of the process:

  • Site Selection and Preparation:  We meticulously identified the ideal location for the borehole, considering geological factors and proximity to the community.
  • Borehole Drilling: State-of-the-art drilling equipment was employed to reach deep into the earth’s aquifers, ensuring a constant and pure water supply.
  • Solar-Powered Pump Installation: A solar-powered pump was installed to harness the energy of the sun, guaranteeing a sustainable and eco-friendly water supply.
  • Water Treatment and Storage: Water from the borehole was treated to meet stringent quality standards and stored in tanks for distribution.

The Impact

With the successful completion of this project, we are ushering in a brighter and more hopeful future for the grateful thousands of residents at GOF School Area Community. This solar-powered system not only provides clean water but also offers a sustainable and eco-friendly solution that will serve the community for generations to come.

Residents can now enjoy:
 Reliable and sustainable water supply
Improved health and hygiene
Empowered livelihood
Enhanced quality of life
The distribution network strategically places taps at key points in the community, ensuring that clean water is readily available where it’s needed most.
In conclusion, we invite you to be a part of this transformative journey. By contributing to the Gbenga Olowe Oyefunke Charity and Development Foundation, you are not only providing clean water but also igniting hope and empowerment within the hearts of an entire community.

Join us in creating a brighter, sustainable, and water-abundant future for more communities battling the same issues in areas of clean water and green energy supply.

Your support can bring clean water, hope, and happiness to other communities. Donate today and be the change they need!

Together, we can empower communities with sustainable sunlit solutions: Brightening lives with Solar-Powered Water!



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