Breaking News: All workers to receive N35,000 wage increase- FG


In a significant development, President Bola Tinubu’s proposed provisional wage increase for low-grade workers, initially met with skepticism, will now encompass all categories of workers. Femi Gbajabiamila, the President’s Chief of Staff, conveyed this information to State House Correspondents following a four-hour meeting between Organised Labour leaders and representatives of the Federal Government held at the Aso Rock Presidential Villa.

Previously, concerns had arisen regarding the wage hike, with speculations that it might solely benefit low-income workers. However, Gbajabiamila clarified the government’s stance, stating, “There is nothing like low income, median income, or high income.” This decision aims to provide equitable compensation for all workers and address the disparities.

Furthermore, Gbajabiamila expressed optimism that the labour unions would reconsider their nationwide strike plans scheduled for Tuesday. He is expecting labour leaders to convene meetings with their branches and executives to present the agreements reached during negotiations. The government hopes that this will lead to the suspension of the impending strike.

It is worth noting that Labour had initially rejected President Tinubu’s proposal of a N25,000 provisional wage increment for low-grade workers. Additionally, they opposed the government’s proposed six-month duration for the provisional increase, instead advocating for it to remain in effect until a new minimum wage is approved. The unions also pressed for an upward revision of the wage increase to N35,000.

As things stand, the fate of the planned strike remains uncertain, pending further developments and discussions between the labour unions and their state branches and executives. Trust Online Gobe to bring you all the latest happenings on the planned strike by the organized labour.


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