Baby Born With 26 Fingers and Toes Hailed as ‘Reincarnation of Hindu Goddess’ in India


In a remarkable and seemingly divine occurrence, a baby born in Bharatpur, a city in the northern Indian state of Rajasthan, has captivated the attention of the local community and medical professionals alike. The newborn, whose identity is yet to be revealed, possesses an extraordinary genetic abnormality, being born with seven fingers on each hand and six toes on each foot.

Medical experts have attributed this rare condition to a genetic abnormality. However, the family of the newborn has a different interpretation. They believe that this remarkable birth is not merely a medical anomaly but rather the “second coming of a Hindu goddess,” likening the child to Dholagarh Devi, a well-known deity whose temple is situated near the birthplace.

Dholagarh Devi is traditionally depicted as a young girl with multiple arms, and the striking similarity between the deity and the baby’s unique physical attributes has fueled the family’s conviction. Sarju Devi, the baby’s mother, aged 25, is reportedly overjoyed by this extraordinary event. Her brother, speaking to local media, expressed their sentiment, stating, “My sister has given birth to a baby who has 26 fingers, and we are considering it to be the incarnation of Dholagarh Devi. We are very happy.”

Adding to the celebration, the father of the baby, Gopal Bhattacharya, who serves as a police constable in the Central Reserve Police Force, shares in the elation surrounding this unique birth. The family’s belief in the divine nature of their child has sparked considerable interest and intrigue within the community.

As medical professionals continue to study this remarkable case, the family’s faith in their baby’s special significance as a potential reincarnation remains steadfast, shedding light on the deep spiritual connections and cultural significance intertwined with this extraordinary event.


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